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Regular, reduced fat, low fat or fat free, low cholesterol, low sodium, lactose free, smoked or calcium fortified. Cheese must be marked with weight, type and cost. Cheese must be in the form of a block, sliced, shredded, stick or string cheese. Package size must be 8 or 16 ounces.

American (Pasteurized Process) Cheddar
Cheddarella Cojack
Colby (Longhorn) Monterey Jack
Mozzarella Muenster
Provolone Swiss
Kosher cheese must be specified on the WIC check to be purchased using a WIC check.

Not Allowed: Individually wrapped slices, imported, deli service, cheese foods, imitation cheese, cheese products or spreads, cheese with added ingredients, organic cheese, cheese packed in water.

Cow’s Milk

Fluid (pasteurized; quart, half gallons or gallons) Any fat level allowed as specified on the WIC check. Acidophilus allowed. Lactose free if specified on the WIC check. Evaporated (12-ounce cans) if specified on the WIC check. Dry if specified on the WIC check.

Not Allowed: Flavored milk, buttermilk, goat’s milk, milk with added calcium, protein or plant sterols, vitamin C, Omega 3s, organic milk, ultra high temperature (UHT) processed milk, milk in glass bottles.

Soy Beverage

32- or 64-ounce containers: Pacific Natural Foods—Ultra  Soy (Plain or Vanilla  flavored) 8th Continent Soymilk  Original or Vanilla Flavor
Not Allowed: Any other brand or type of soy beverage.


16-ounce containers: Azumaya—Firm and Extra Firm
House Foods Premium—
Medium Firm, Firm, Extra  Firm
Nasoya—Silken, Light Silken
Not Allowed: Any other brand or type of tofu

Chicken Eggs

Any Brand Grade A Regular: large, medium or small raw shell brown or white chicken eggs in one dozen package.

Not Allowed: Specialty eggs such as, vegetarian fed, organic eggs, low cholesterol, fat modified, high in omega 3s, and the like.

Legumes (Beans)

Black beans, blackeye peas, garbanzo beans, great northern beans, kidney beans, lima beans, navy beans, pinto beans, soybeans, butter beans, pink beans, split peas and lentils.

1 pound dry or 15.5- to 16-ounce canned any brand (canned kidney beans may contain sugar)

Not Allowed: Green beans, green peas, snap beans, yellow beans, wax beans, pork-n-beans, beans with added seasonings, sugars, oils, sauces, meats organic beans

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits Allowed:

Fresh, whole or cut without added sugars. Frozen, without added sugars. Canned, jarred or multi pack without added sugars, fats, oils or sodium (salt).

Vegetables Allowed:

Fresh, whole or cut without added sugars, fats or oils. Frozen, without added sugars, fats or oils.

Canned or jarred, without added sugars, fats or oils. (whole kernel corn and green peas can contain sugar).

Sweet potatoes and yams

Organic fruits and vegetables can be purchased.
Not allowed:
• Party trays, fruit baskets, salad bar items
• Items that contain dips or sauces
• Ingredients other than fruit—sugar, honey, high fruc-
tose corn syrup, heavy or light syrup, dextrose,   sucrose, maple syrup, artificial sweeteners, fats,   oils or sodium (salt)
• Ingredients other than vegetables—sugar, honey, high
fructose corn syrup, cheese sauce, noodles, rice,   nuts, spices, fats or oils
• Any type of white potatoes (including Red Bliss,   Purple and Yukon Gold)
• Sauerkraut, pickled vegetables, olives
• Jarred salsa, pasta sauce
• Fresh herbs and spices, edible blossoms
• Dried fruit, dried vegetables, trail mix
• Fruit leathers, fruit snacks, fruit roll-ups
• Fruit and nut mixtures
• Fruit cocktails, cranberry sauce, pie filling
• Baked goods containing fruit or vegetables
• Infant or toddler fruits and vegetables
• Maraschino cherries or products containing mara-
schino cherries
• Squeezable fruit or vegetable pouches

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